RDF PyPath: Use RDF with XPath syntax in Python

Pierre-Antoine Champin, research professor in University of Lyon 1, recently released a little code that do great things. RDF PyPath is a Python code that allows to use RDF resources directly in your code, by playing with the / operator.

Let’s have a look at the “official” example. To load a RDF resource, begin with:

 me = Root(URIRef("http://champin.net/foaf.rdf#pa"), a_graph)

This creates a Root object containing the data of your RDF file. You can then manipulate the data easily, with a XPath-like syntax. For example:

names = me/FOAF.knows/FOAF.name

This gets the names of all the people Pierre-Antoine knows. You can also go further and use conditions in the same way as XPath. To get all Pierre-Antoine’s friends that are named John, you can do the following:

johns = me/foaf:knows[X/foaf:name == "John"]

Isn’t it amazing? And I guess this can be very useful when using linked data in Python.

Browse the project or the main filePierre-Antoine Champin

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