Programmateur, the blog

Hi everyone, and welcome on this new blog!

Let me first introduce myself: my name is Adrian, and I am a developer mainly interested in Web stuff. If you are here, you certainly know me, be it via my personnal website or via my Twitter account.

This blog will be, as @programmateur is, development-oriented. I’ll talk about programming, new technologies, Web, tools, tricks, everything that is related to creating softwares. This is not a one-person blog, so I you feel like writing here, please tell me so.

I will write only in English here: this will help me improve my language, and will make this blog a little more accessible. Well, I hope so! :D For French articles, please read my personnal blog.

Let’s go know, and see you soon for my first real post!


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3 Responses to Programmateur, the blog

  1. Yot says:

    Juste pour info, un programmateur est un petit boitier électronique (

    Merci de ne pas dévaluer la profession :) On dit programmeur ou développeur !

  2. Yot says:

    Bon je viens de voir ta note dans “A propos” :) merci de supprimer mon com :D

  3. Adrian says:

    Bonjour Yot !

    Je laisse ton commentaire pour que les éventuels suivants m’évitent de répéter que c’est volontaire ! :)

    Merci pour ton commentaire.

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