GRFTW #2: JSON validation, jQuery Templates, SFML Movies

Good Resources From The Web #2 – 2010/11/27

Welcome for this second GRFTW, a little review of good resources I found on the web in the past few days.

JSON Validation with JSON Schema

Here is a post from David Walsh, who presents JSON Schema. It can be compared to DTD for XML documents: a JSON Schema helps you validating a JSON item according to a set of rules you write. I think it can be very useful when you receive JSON messages from the network, and you want to be sure they are well-formed.

Read this blog postOfficial draft

Using Templates with jQuery

I’ve been discovering it recently: this plugin enables you to use templates with jQuery. Meaning, you can parse your DOM and replace some special tags by new HTML code. It’s impressive, it’s not for every website nor every situation (understand, you won’t do jQuery templating for your next showcase website), but I’m sure this can be very useful in some situations.

A complete guide to jQuery TemplatesSame for French peopleOfficial API

Playing movies with SFML and FFmpeg

Maybe you already know about the SFML library. At it’s name says, it is a Simple and Fast Multimedia Library. Created and maintened by Laurent Gomila, a French developer, SFML is a great object-oriented tool to create multimedia applications, like games.

In this article I present you, Ceylo introduces the sfe::Movie class, which deals with playing videos in your application. It uses FFmpeg and is integrated to SFML. I guess this is a good occasion to discover this amazing library if you don’t know it yet.

Read the articleSFML Website

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