GRFTW #1: Lazy Loading Ads, JavaScript Patterns, CSS Arrows

Good Resources From The Web #1 – 2010/11/23

Welcome for this first GRFTW, a little review of good resources I found on the web in the past few days.

jQuery LazyLoad Ad

I think we all have experienced a website that did not load because of an ad server that didn’t want to respond. This is a real problem when one comes to put ads on his website. Using this jQuery plugin, your ads will be loaded only when the entire page is already displayed, so visitors can see the content (which is the more important for sure), and ads will come after.

Visit the Official WebsiteDemos

Essential JavaScript & jQuery Design PatternsĀ For Beginners

Written by Addy Osmani, this book is a huge guide to design patterns in JavaScript. After coming back to what patterns and anti-patterns are, the author presents the major and more useful patterns known to date. Add concrete examples of JS implementations and you get a resource you should absolutely read.

Read this BookAddy Osmani

CSS Quick Tip: CSS Arrows and Shapes Without Markup

This post from the Yahoo! User Interface Blog shows how to create arrows and shapes using only CSS. It’s already a famous technique, but this article details the different ways of doing that.

Read this article

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